Sunday’s Song: Thumbnails – Morcheeba

Surprising development as I shuffle deeper into my 30’s, I am falling hard for downbeat electronica. Who knew that would happen? It certainly wasn’t in the pamphlet I received about getting old from the AARP.

I am drawn to this song because of it’s lack of vocals. I stay with it because of its combination of high bell like sounds and low always grinding type sounds. The marriage of these sounds makes it interesting instead of lulling me into a raver coma.

It’s like a club song grew up and slowed down a little. It inspires me to put on cute heels and hit an ultra lounge for a drink I can’t pronounce. Or perhaps just sip some tea on a Sunday morning and contemplate getting older. Either or.

The constant rythm in it also keeps it lively and yet “downbeat” or mellow.

Myspace player of Thumbnails


~ by fortuitousoccurances on July 4, 2010.

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