The Universal – Blur

I have to credit my husband with introducing me to this song. When we were first dating he sent me a mix CD and this was one of the songs. I listened to the CD on a nearly constant basis because 1) “My boyfriend sent this to me!” 2) It had some really really good music on it.

I am finding as I pick out songs I like that I have a tendency toward songs that start out kind of slow and build to bigger sound. This is another song that does that. The chorus washes over you with the sound of all the instruments (not sure if they are real or synth).

I also like the horns in the song, they really add to the joyousness and hopefulness of the song.

My best guess as to what this song is about is “the future”. The video is of no help to this guess. Its just kind of bizarro, like a majority of music videos.

However even with the ambiguous nature of the song there are some good lyrics to latch on to. “When the days they seem to fall through you, well just let them go.” To me it says “Just let the bad days go and move on.” A noble goal.

Video for The Universal


~ by fortuitousoccurances on July 22, 2009.

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