On Jobs

While part of me has always wanted to love my job and have passion, there is another part. This other part believes a job is work and in order for something to be work it must be difficult and possibly unpleasant.

I have never had much respect for jobs that seemed to be too fun. Every “real” job in my mind must have an element of struggle

When I was in high school and early college I worked in a mom and pop toy store. Whenever I tell people this, the typical reaction is “that sounds like fun.” And it was! We were encouraged to test the toys. Many of the strategy games were set out on tables and the way we played against customers as a method of selling the games. Side note: never think you are going to beat someone who works in a toy store at a game, they get paid to master the game. But of course this job had an element of struggle. In addition to working the floor and register, I came in on Sundays after the store had closed and I took everything off each shelf and dusted the shelf, alone. For a talkative teenager this was the most excruciating torture. The only thing that made it tolerable was I was allowed to listen to music while I dusted. The dusting was the sour to the sweet of the rest of the job.

As I got older, I began to look for a career. The things I enjoy doing include sleeping, cooking, writing and being sarcastic. However, I did not choose a career that would allow me to sleep as much as I want or be sarcastic. In fact my career does not allow me to cook as much as I would like. I do get to write. However, my favored writing formats include long-winded diatribes on my feelings and opinions, silly stories or awful poetry. I do not get the opportunity in my actual profession to write any of these things. In fact most of my writing is meant to be crisp, clear and without emotion. In my mind, writing about your opinions, generally is not a “real” career. There is no sour except for the potential you would not make money.

Another basic criteria that a job be a job is that you make money or at least profit. I am sure in some countries receiving goats for your labor is better than silly money. I never believed I could make money doing something that was too fun, only the rare super stars get to do something fun and be extremely successful. Most people toil for their buck. Another reason I choose my career path, though it often thought of as an evil of our society, it is a necessary evil (no I am not a drug dealer or a prostitute, just looked down on like I am one). My job is work and it makes money. There are fun parts, not like playing board games but pleasures nonetheless.

Lately, I have been reconsidering my view. I see more and more people doing jobs that seem to have less downside. I have learned of people who have jobs that seem to be no work at all and yet are making better money than me. And I wonder why I couldn’t be part of the lucky few. And wonder if the lucky few are as small a club as I believe. Could it be that more people than I believe are doing jobs with little to no sour. That they wake up in the morning and put both feet on the ground thinking, “I can’t wait to get to work!”
And I how do I join their club? What job allows you to sleep more, cook, write and be as sarcastic as you want? If you have a position for such a person, please let me know and I will forward you my resume.


~ by fortuitousoccurances on November 2, 2008.

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